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TraXel aims to improve daily lives of people living with chronic conditions. It helps patients stay in control of their health information, make more informed decisions, and track their symptoms using data-driven AI technologies and shared decision making platforms.


TraXel was founded by a group of scientists, patients, and medical doctors to bring a new scientific approach to control and making decisions about health. Our vision is to integrate advanced AI and data-driven technologies with health information to create unmatched health insights. We will help people with chronic conditions to understand how all of the factors in their life may be impacting their conditions:

- what they eat

- what they drink

- how much sleep they are getting

- what medications they are taking

- what type of exercise they do

- what their level of stress is

- where they live

   and much more!


We are interested in building a platform for individuals with chronic conditions and enable them to better receive healthcare and live better. We believe that people should stay in control of their health records so that they can stay on top of their lives and make informed health decisions. Join us now and help us help you! 


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Fay Mehr, PhD


Dr. Fay Mehr is an AI scientist, entrepreneur, and MS advocate who is passionate about improving everyday lives of people with chronic conditions. Inspired by her personal and volunteer experiences at ASOSU and MS society, she developed a great passion for helping people with chronic conditions overcome their interconnected health issues. 

   Dr. Mehr’ s aim, which is reflected in co-founding TraXel, is to provide novel user-friendly approaches to improve every day lives of patients, provide them with personal data-driven health recommendations, and help them track their symptoms to manage their everyday lives more efficiently. She has earned her PhD from UC San Diego, focused on machine learning methods applied in systems biology,  including complex genetic networks. During her PhD, Dr. Mehr tried to model changes in gene expressions of a group of MS patients under DMT.


Thomas Hemmen, MD, PhD

Chief Medical Officer

Dr. Thomas Hemmen is a board-certified neurologist who cares for patients with neurological conditions with special focus on compassion and patient centered care approaches. He has served as a clinical researcher and professor for over 15 years. During this time Thomas focused his energy and passion on improving the lives of patient with neurological conditions. As a professor at UC San Diego School of Medicine, he provides leadership and education to medical students, residents and fellows.  

   Dr. Hemmen completed a neurology residency at New York-Presbyterian Hospital, The University Hospital of Columbia and Cornell, followed by fellowships in stroke and vascular neurology at UC San Diego School of Medicine, and in neurological intensive care at Philipp University of Marburg in Germany. He earned his medical degree from the Free University of Berlin.

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